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The Sires

Aiden #81598 PGH001

Aiden was a triplet, born February 14, 2011. He is a KHSI RR Ram. He is disease free and a proven breeder. His coat is jet black when he sheds in the summer.

                               Aiden's Pedigree

     Sire: 065382 PES 158                              Dam: 053324 UMC 723

    SIre's Sire: 050074 SNF 83                             Dam's Sire: 036756 HLG 11

   Sire's Dam: 065379 PES 429                         Dam's Dam: 032866 MES P41Y


Dancing Dragon Thor # XA00366

Oliver was born a tripley on 02/03/2012. He is a MDGA registered Mini-Alpine. Oliver is disease free and has quite the personality.  

                            Oliver's Pedigree

        Sire: Maiden Song Dunkin                        Dam: Heavenly-Hooves Ren Rima

      Sire's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Salem              Dam's Sire: GCH Willow Run A.A. Renaissance +*B

     Sire's Dam: Buttin'Heads Chambray                             Dam's Dam: Heavenly-Hooves Tel Tiera


Cornerstone Acres My Way Sinatra # XA00553

Einstien was born a twin on 02/25/15. He is MDGA registered Mini-Alpine. He is disease free and a sweetie with his blue eyes.

                                      Einstien's Pedigree

  Sire: Maplewood Hill Top Joys Pride                     Dam: Maplewood Hill Top TGIF

    Sire's Sire : Wood Bridge Too Platuim Plus                            Dam's Sire: Proctor Hill Montego Bay

     Sire's Dam: Maplewood Hill Top LP Joy                          Dam's Dam: Seven-Maples RB-Ann Bella Rena


Cornerstone Acres Happy Go Lucky # XA00554

Happy was born a twin on 03/01/2015. He is MDGA Mini-Apline and disease free. He has quite the personality. 

                                                      Happy's Pedigree

    Sire: Dancing Dragon Thor                                        Dam: Sky Haven Heidi Noel

       Sire's Sire: Maiden Song Dunkin                                            Dam's Sire: OL'Country TWK Broadway

  Sire's Dam: Heavenly -Hooves Ren Rima                                Dam's Dam: Goles Family Acres Samantha


Maplewood Hill Top Joys Pride #XA00451

Sam was born on 6/13/13 and was a single. He is MDGA Mini-Apline and disease free. He is a bit more shy then the rest. 

                                                  Sam's Pedigree

     Sire: Wood Bridge Too Platuim Plus                   Dam: Maplewood Hill Top LP Joy

   Sire's Sire: NC Promisedland Pablo Abednego                         Dam's Sire: Alpine-Springs Legend

Sire's Dam: SGCH AGS Promisedland CP LIL Bopeep        Dam's Dam: Seven-Maple WL-TR Penny Lane