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The Dams


Maryrose was born 01/01/11. She is a full Katahdin ewe, who is an excellent mom. Her coat is solid white and she has a loving personallity. Maryrose is disease free and was a triplet at birth.

Montana #WHK11185

Montana was born 11/14/11. She is KHSI registered and is part of the breed improvement program. Montana is disease free and healthy. Montana was a twin at birth and has produced some wonderful lambs up to 15.1  lbs.

                            Montana's Pedigree

    Sire: 064309 MBK 99                                    Dam: 66609 WHK 81130

     Sire's Sire:056400 MBK 65                                           Dam's Sire: 053302 WHK 010

  Sire's Dam: 049755 WRI 6050                                        Dam's Dam: 0X 8759 WRI 7070


Sky Haven Heidi Noel #XA00445

Heidi was born 4/7/13. She is MDGA registered Mini-Alpine. She is disease free and milks just over a half gallon of milk a day. Excellent mom to her kids. Heidi is a twin but has produced triplets.

                                      Heidi's Pedigree

  Sire: OL'Country TWK Broadway                     Dam: Goles Family Acres Samantha

Sire's Sire : Sugar Creek VL Tunes Walkman                       Dam's Sire: Kori-Brook WFG India's Elliott          

     Sire's Dam: Dill's AH Fllight of Fancy                                         Dam's Dam: Raisin Hill Ethel


Maplewood Hill Top TGIF #XA00412

Elizabeth was born 3/29/13 and is a twin. She is MDGA Mini-Apline. She is disease free and wonderful mom. She give 2 quarts a day in milk. She has produced beautifully, healthy twin kids.

                                                      Elizabeth's Pedigree

Sire: Proctor Hill Farm Monteago Bay                   Dam: Seven-Maples RB-Ann Bella Rena

   Sire's Sire: Proctor Hill Farm BW Arctibay                             Dam's Sire: Walnut-Mtn. Ho-Des Rhettbulter

    Sire's Dam: Proctor Hill Farm To Noelle                                     Dam's Dam: Seven-Maples T-Whl Anne


Tiny Town Zoey # D1546131

Zoey was born on 3/20/2010 and is a twin. She ADGA Nigerian Dwarf. She is disease free and very friendly and caring.

                                                  Zoey's Pedigree

   Sire: SG NC Promisedland Peeping Tom                   Dam: Tiny Town BP Rosa

         Sire's Sire: SGCH Buttin' Heads Palimony                 Dam's Sire: CH Deb's Whiperwoods CYJ Bradpitt

Sire's Dam: SGCH AGS Promisedland CP LIL Bopeep     Dam's Dam: SGCH AGS Ground Rush Mama Mia


Lucky IV Farm Heir To Angels #D1700183

Claire was born 06/24/2014 and triplet. She is Nigerian Dwarf with dual registration through ADGA & AGS. She is disease free and quite the little character.

                                          Claire's Pedigree

  Sire: Little Tots Estate L4 Bobiblu                    Dam: Little Tots Estate Gina

  Sire's Sire: Little Tots Estate Crackerjack                       Dam's Sire: Caesar's-Villa P Shamrock

  Sire's Dam: Little Tots Estate Erics Acana                       Dam's Dam: Little Tots Estate Zinnia